Problems Facing Women in Colombia

Women in Colombia generally do not have the same kinds of rights as Women in countries like the United States. In Colombia, which is a largely male dominated society, violent crimes against women are common, and are generally not punished by law enforcement. In fact, many crimes against women are committed by military officials, most of which are never held accountable for their actions.

The Problem

Men Are Given Preferential Treatment for Employment

Women Generally Earn Less Than Their Male Counterparts

High Rate of Violence & Abuse Against Women

By The Numbers


Women reportedly Murdered in Colombia during 2015


Reported Acts of Sexual Violence Against Women


Total Number of Women’s Abuse Cases Filed

Despite these numbers, the commonly held belief in Colombia is that these kinds of disputes are a family matter, and should be handled privately. As a result, most women never stand up for themselves or seek help until it is too late. Even if they do reach out for support, there aren’t any effective systems in place that are meant to protect women or their children against abuse.

What You Can Do To Help


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We take all the money we make from donations and product sales to support programs that help women succeed despite the adversity they need to overcome


You can help us make a difference just by sharing this page. The more people hear our message, the more women we can help build a brighter future

What We Are Doing To Help and Fundacion Hadasa joined forces this summer to bring to the makers of this beautiful line of lingerie the Captivating workshop to help them understand their current reality and how the Gospel is applicable to their every day needs. We used the Captivating book written by John and Stasi Eldredge. 24 women assisted to the workshop and four accepted Christ as their Lord. We hope we can raise the funds to continue with this workshop for another group.